Splenda Cheesecake

2 pks (8oz) 1# in all lo fat cream cheese
1/3 cup Splenda blend
3 eggs
2 tbsp corn starch
tsp salt
blend above
add to above
1 cup sour cream
Mix till smooth
Put into a 8"pan with crust as below.
bake @ 360 45 to 50 minutes
Crust, crush 6 graham crackers on a bowl.
Butter a deep pan large enough to hold batter, and press in the crushed crackers with fingers to make a crust.
Note Place cheesecake into a pizza pan and add 1 cup of water around the cake if you do not have a pizza pan any large enough will do. This is called a water bath.
Special note this cake bakes slowly until it forms a dome with no low spot it will be brown, but no low spot.