Cut Out Cookies

In a fairly large bowl place

2/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup shortening or oleo *
cream with hand mixer well a few minutes
stir in one egg
a tbsp. of almond flavor
and a cup of any flour you have stir together in to a stiff mass.

the dough needs to be mixed well.

place a tea towel (not Turkish style)on the table and flour well place a small amount of dough roll out to about 1/4 inch and cut out with cutter.
By cutting on the towel allows the flour to stay in place and the cutter cuts thur clean. This is the cookie dough you have been looking for non spread, but should be rolled out thin no more then 1/8 th of an inch, you can use those
Cookie cutters with the design in them, you know the red ones.

sprinkle with colored sugar and bake aprox. 10 minutes till brown on the edge
check the bottom should be brown.

bake just till done 10 @ 350* they should have a slight brown edge. The classes have made this a lot and they always turn out great.

To make colored sugar take granulated sugar and put a drop or two of color into it and stir until color is even.