Butter Cookies

2/3 Cups sugar
stick butter
shot of vanilla

Stir or cream together well
Add 1 egg
Stir in 1 cup AP flour and
Tsp. Soda

mix well it should be fairly stiff but tough hold back some flour and add if all needed
it may even take a bit more flour if the egg in extra large.

Can be made up into many ways one suggestion is roll into a ball about 1 " and press a thumb print hold in center bake 12 minutes until golden brown and when warm place a drop on chocolate mixture in center*

Or press down with fork design and drizzle with chocolate mixture.
Then put chocolate mixture in center make a sandwich.

In a microwave safe bowl place 1 cup of chocolate chips semi sweet, 4Tbsp. milk
Heat at high setting for 4 minutes it will melt down about half in size, remove and see how thick the mass will be if to thick add a little more milk and heat for another minute. or so stir well.

SPECIAL NOTE do to the many brand of choco. Chips it may take longer or less time to melt and do to different brands of microwaves some are 700 watts Max, some 1000 watts. So it is up to you to keep a check on this mixture and use only milk to thin.
Good luck