Easy Fondant (Pliable)

Set 1 tbsp plain gelatin (1packet) in a cup cold water and let gel.
In a fairly large bowl place cup clear karo, and warm for 30 seconds.
Add the gel mixture and 2 Tbsp. butter and warm 1 to 1 minutes until butter melts.
Add 1 tsp vanilla or any flavor,
And stir in 1- boxes powdered sugar in three stages.
The mixture will become fairly stiff; best knead with a wooden spoon or in a kitchen aid mixer until glaze starts to fade about 2 minutes.

The fondant will firm up as it cools. Keep in an airtight container or refrigerate.
It can be softened in microwave as needed

Note any flavor can be used even add peanut butter.
Roll into small balls chill in frig. Before dipping.
If sticky use a bit of corn starch on fingers.

Suggestion when firm roll out with pin thin, place a drained maraschino cherry in center wrap the fondant around, chill and dip in chocolate mixture.