Yellow Cake #1

In a medium size bowl!
1 cup sugar
cup Crisco shortening
Measure 2 cups of cake flour add
1 tbsp. baking pwd.
tsp. salt
Vanilla to taste (2 tbsp.)
Measure out 1 cup of milk
Stir in 3 eggs and slowly adds the milk
mix with mixer at high speed for 3-5 minutes*

add 1 cup more of milk and stir in till smooth
scrap down well so that all ingredients are incorporated,
divvy into 2 8" pans making sure there equal and bake 40 minutes in a slow oven 360* check after 15 minutes.

Let cakes cool in the pan IN THE PAN. Pans should be prepared with spray and covered with flour in advance.
* Use plain oleo margarine not fat free etc.
*Mixing is the most important in cake (A) The beaters should be covered at least way into the batter, if not use a smaller bowl