Fruit Cake

In a fairly large bowl place
Half cup sugar
one cup of flour AP
one tsp. baking pwd.
Pinch of salt
Add in cup milk
one egg
mix for about three minutes with hand mixer
then add and stir in one quarter cup oil (any)

Now the cake batter is made.

Set to soak sixteen oz. diced fruit cup nuts (Pecans)and cup raisins.
I under stand what I'm asking to soak the fruit and wash off all the sugar, but it also contains chemicals we do not need, trust me.

Mix together and add rum flavor if you like (not real rum, it will bake out and leave a bad after taste) Yes it will look like too much fruit for the batter, but it's not .
This will make one large bread pan of cake and will take three hours @three hundred & twenty degrees* if you bake in another pan allow one hour for each half inch thick. Bake until there are no wet spots
Let it rest until it comes to room temperature.