Puff Pastry

In your bowl measure (12oz.) cold water
Add 2 eggs
Add 5 cups bread
Pinch of cream of tartar

Mix into a dough
Add 12 oz.(3 ) sticks of butter * see note

You will need to use your hands work into a good dough.

Gently roll out (slowly) twice as long as wide about 14" long and 7" wide, Sweep away loose flour and do a 3 fold making sure not to rush or press hard, also turn over often do not let it stick to table.

Note* butter should be at room temperature and the dough and butter should be same coolness ,butter takes a full day to come to room temp. it may be needed to pre,mix butter in a machine to get soft enough.

After a rest do 2 more 3 folds
It is important to give proper rest between books and after make up, 15 minutes on books and 30 minutes before bake off.

Oven should be 360* to 380* and will bake aprox.. 45 minutes