Biscuits #2

1 stick of margarine. (At room temp)
Place above in a bowl & add
1 1/4 cup AP Flour
pinch of salt
1Tbs. Sugar
1 Tbs. Baking pwd ( not heaping)
2 Tbs. Milk pwd.

Press the above with a spoon to a loose crumb And slowly add 1/2 cold water , you may not need it all. We need to form a dough and it need to be mixed a good amount About a minute or more let the gluten form. Turn out on a floured board and cut in to biscuits,

Point to remember
Biscuits must be 1/2 as thick as they are wide.
Example if you are using a 2" cutter the dough should be 1" High.

Paint the top with a egg mixture(1 egg beaten) or whole milk will work as well

Bake @400* for aprox. 20 minutes The bottom should be brown.

Another tip, biscuits like to touch each other On the pan.